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Energy innovation as a driver for sustainable growth in the oil industry

By 26 de August de 2021September 8th, 2021No Comments
Energy innovation

Throughout history, and especially in the last two centuries, energy has been behind all major economic changes. Historically, population growth and income increases have driven energy demand, but today we are facing a scenario in which some fossil fuels are in their downward phase while population and energy consumption continue to grow.

It is no secret that the current climate crisis is a consequence of so many years of uncontrolled human activity, without considering our behavior’s impact. However, what seems like a mystery is how we solve or mitigate the damage we cause. Doing this will require an unprecedented transformation of energy production, transportation, and usage worldwide.

Currently, energy innovation is the protagonist of technological advances and focuses on developing new ways to generate and manage demand. For example, according to the Energetic platform, “technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), advanced computing, Cloud solutions, 5G communications, digitalization or Artificial Intelligence” contribute to the optimization and efficient management of day-to-day processes and operations.

In the oil sector, as in many others, one can measure innovation in the ability of companies to adapt and incorporate new technologies that contribute to meeting new market and consumer demands through sustainable practices. In other words, our innovation is measured by our ability to join in the industry’s transformation, which requires taking the organization’s flexibility to its maximum potential using different initiatives. This transformation and flexibility is quantified in the implementation of projects that include systems, such as the development of hybrid technologies in enhanced recovery processes, which allow the optimal exploitation of oil fields with less environmental impact

At Nakasawa Resources, we have identified four lines of research and action that allow us to contribute to the innovative development of the energy sector. These lines refer to:

  • Energy Self-sufficiency: Installation of energy self-sufficiency systems and the necessary supplies to run operations. Projects for the installation of solar energy panels in Super Matroid technology.
  • Sustainable consumers: Technologies that respond to both the global energy supply guarantee, as well as the growing concern of consumers about climate change and sustainable processes.
  • Automation for risk prevention: Design of tools for monitoring parameters to maintain close control of all operations and make early reaction decisions.
  • Waste and processing surplus: Engineering for resource optimization and utilization of waste such as CO2, N2 for injection as well as Hydrogen for the supply of Green Energy in the use of Super Matroid technology.

Ultimately, innovation in the energy sector is fundamental to a sustainable future to find cleaner, more efficient, and cost-effective practices to meet the energy needs of the consumer and the continued development of society worldwide. Innovation also creates options and is the key that will open the door to new approaches and new solutions for energy systems that are affordable and reliable, supported by competitive and innovative energy markets.