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Work Permit Systems

By 24 de February de 2022March 1st, 2022No Comments

In the oil industry, in all phases of the life cycle of a process, installation or project, operation and maintenance tasks are carried out to maintain the continuity of the process and thus meet the company’s production objectives, in addition to having important products and inventories of dangerous products, substances, materials and waste with the potential for the occurrence of a high-impact incident or accident, which can affect the health of personnel, facilities, processes and/or the environment.

The fundamental causes of accidents are frequently attributable to failures in the implementation and compliance with operating procedures, lack of training or application of a system that allows the work to be carried out safely. For this reason, it is of vital importance that a Work Permit System be executed in the processes that allows the planning and safe execution of all operations and maintenance activities in the work environment to be controlled.

The Work Permit System constitutes an essential tool for the identification of hazards and the evaluation of risks for the prevention of accidents and indicates the person responsible or custody of an installation and authorizes the reception and execution in a determined time and place, of a specific activity where the intervention of the equipment or facility is required and this affects the continuity of the process, sustained through communication mechanisms between two or more parties, who establish common agreements, commitments and responsibilities through a legal document for such purpose, and thus carry out the task or activity in safe conditions.

During the planning of an activity, the type of work to be carried out and the activities that must be carried out or executed are identified, this is done by virtue of the fact that each work or activity must comply with the requirements demanded in the International Standards in order to have guidance on the safe conduct of activities.

A Work Permit System is made up of:

  • Work Risk Analysis
  • Work procedure
  • Work Permits “Cold or Hot”
  • Certification of Issuers and Receivers of Work Permits

At NAKASAWA we know the importance of the Work Permit System to avoid accidents, interruptions at work, occupational diseases or environmental impacts, which is why the activities that are carried out are planned and controlled. All our personnel involved in the Work Permit System (issuer / receiver) are trained and certified by internationally recognized training centers and in this way we ensure compliance with our Safety, Hygiene and Work Environment Policies.

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