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The Advantages of Stimulating a Well with 95% High Quality Steam

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Steam Injection is a technique aimed at heating the reservoir to lower the viscosity of crude oil and improve its mobility. The quality of steam, which is defined as percentage of saturated dry steam vapor in the total steam-liquid mass, plays a crucial role in achieving optimal recovery results.

The industry conventional standard OTSG is to generate high-pressure 80% and 20% saturated liquid condensate. The purpose of generating wet steam is to eliminate dissolved precipitated salts in the water along with the steam since there is no other method for removing these salts during steam generation, as seen in drum-type boilers. Failure to remove these salts can lead to clogs in the pipes, reducing heat transfer efficiency and increasing the risk of pipe ruptures.The traditional method of producing 80% high-quality steam for oil recovery operations leads to significant water and fuel losses, raising operating costs and being environmentally unfavorable.

For a typical conventional 25MMBTU/h OTSG (350 BCWEPD) operating @2500 Psig pressure, achieving 80% quality dry steam installing a separator at the outlet will amount to loss per day:

• 55,680 Liters of precious treated water

• 1,950 kg of LPG Fuel

The Nakasawa Approach – Super Matroid Technology Maximizing Profitability with Low Operational Costs and High Oil Yields

Overcoming steam quality challenges is essential for maximizing efficiency and increasing oil recovery rates. Nakasawa Super Matroid Technology (SMT) produces 95% – 98% quality steam without any wastage of water or fuel. Al the heat absorbed by the steam in the boiler is injected into the well, improving oil recovery effectiveness and reducing operational costs.

Nakasawa has developed an environmentally friendly SMT which generates 95% high quality steam using standard treated soft feed-water without any need of separating liquid at the outlet of the steam generator as conventionally done by other operators in the field. The Super Matroid Technology uses 12% less water to deliver the same amount of heat generated by a conventional OTSG to the well and additionally eliminates loss of 15% fuel.

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