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Technologies as Enablers of Sustainability

By 28 de September de 2021January 14th, 2022No Comments
sustainable technologies

We all know what we are talking about when we refer to sustainable energy or innovative technologies, but do we know what we are referring to when we mix these two concepts? What are sustainable technologies?

This term encompasses any technological development whose operating system focuses on reducing environmental impact and considers natural resources, all while promoting economic and social growth. 

Some general characteristics of sustainable technologies are that they use less energy to carry out processes, use fewer limited resources, and, therefore, do not deplete natural resources in their creation, application, or use. In addition, the sustainability of some of these technologies is achieved by incorporating hybrid operating models, i.e., the use of conventional energy or fossil fuels and renewable energy.

Because of these defining characteristics, sustainable technologies can be a critical factor in achieving a more sustainable energy sector since they usually propose models that tirelessly seek to improve the profitability and efficiency of processes, as this is one of the easiest ways to reduce environmental impact.

In order to transition to sustainable energy models without compromising the guarantee of supply, the efficiency and transformation of processes with technology to be able to use fossil fuels in a less polluting way is fundamental since our dependence on this type of energy is still very high.

Nevertheless, how do we know that long-term sustainable development is achieved? The results can be described as sustainable when they can meet current needs without compromising available resources. Examples of sustainable technology development in the sector include solar energy and carbon capture and storage technologies.

At Nakasawa Resources, under our vision and mission to transform the oil and gas industry with enhanced oil recovery processes, we are committed to contributing to more sustainable and cost-effective practices through innovative upstream technology solutions such as the Super Matroid Heater and Super Matroid Cyclone. This technological innovation represents our Green Fossil Energy vision for the industry.