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By 15 de November de 2023December 18th, 2023No Comments

Innovation in Action: Nakasawa and Strategic Decision Making in Reservoir Engineering for Optimal Development of Steam Injection Projects

In the competitive world of steam injection in the heavy oil industry, NAKASAWA and its technical team have established themselves as a unique entity by offering much more than the design, manufacture, and operation of steam generators.

What truly distinguishes this company is the inclusion of a specialized team in reservoir engineering as an integral part of their services. This approach goes beyond equipment manufacturing; it is a commitment to technical excellence that makes a significant difference in the success of steam injection projects.

Unlike conventional steam generator manufacturers, NAKASAWA understands the complexity of heavy oil reservoirs. Its team of reservoir engineering specialists not only designs and manufactures steam generation equipment but also deploys experts who can develop thermal exploitation plans and make real-time decisions during steam injection operations.

This level of involvement ensures dynamic adaptability to the changing challenges that can arise during steam injection or when studying prospects for injection, from variability in permeability, pressures, viscosity, types of completions.

NAKASAWA’s unbreakable commitment to excellence in reservoir engineering. By integrating this unique perspective into their services, the company not only provides conventional generation service but a complete solution that addresses the specific complexities of steam injection in heavy oil reservoirs.

This differentiated approach is the key to its success and the reason why NAKASAWA is at the forefront of innovation in EOR processes.

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