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Importance of Experimental Test in the Implementation of EOR Technologies

By 30 de March de 2021September 21st, 2021No Comments
Recuperación Mejorada De Petróleo

The preliminary selection of an EOR technology for a specific field is done through aspects analysis such as the technology operational window, the reservoir properties, fluid properties, and the results obtained in similar fields when implementing the process (analogies).

Once the technique with the greatest potential is identified, the second incorporation phase involves conducting experimental tests with representative samples of both the reservoir fluids and the injected fluids. The experimental test plan involves the evaluation of the fluid-fluid and rock-fluid interaction, both under static and dynamic conditions.

For static tests, it is common to use closed systems such as batch reactors, part reactors, and autoclaves, which allow the establishment of pressure and temperature conditions according to the reservoir or the operation.

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