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How to Lead Towards a Low Carbon Future?

By 20 de September de 2021February 1st, 2022No Comments
Low Carbon Future

All companies, governments, and institutions globally have both an individual and collective role to play in transforming the world economy to reduce carbon emissions, and this goal includes a virtuous circle that aims to: reuse, restore and repair to generate fewer emissions.

If we try to understand this system, we can easily identify that one way to enhance the transition to a low-carbon future is the adoption of new technological systems.  Technology has shown us during the last decade that its inclusion in the processes makes possible better use of resources and a decrease in the margins of error due to automation and the concept of machine learning. 

Given the above and given the current and growing global concern about the effects of climate change, emissions targets, and climate initiatives are more important than ever. Organizations have the pathways and resources to be able to address the digitization of our systems for a low-carbon future. Today, we are already starting to see some applications in lower energy consumption habits or more efficient energy models in infrastructure, transportation, and other industries. 

From the Oil and Gas industry, betting on a Low Carbon model implies betting on a fourth “R” that we should add to the cycle: “reduce”. Our role in the whole process towards low carbon involves processes such as the development of hybrid systems that combine conventional systems with renewable energy, the reduction of waste, the sequestration of emissions, and the reduction of methane emissions.

At Nakasawa Resources we believe that the transition to a low carbon economy requires the coordinated change of several interconnected systems. The goal of the fight against climate change is to accelerate these changes and bring them to new areas of the economy and from our business, we look for the best ways to enhance this transformation by securing supply and improving profitability ratios with our Super Matroid Heater and Super Matroid Cyclone.