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Verifying and documenting the performance and adjustment of a HART pressure transmitter (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) can require many tools; however, this task can be simplified through the use of multi-functional calibrators compatible with this type of device, which can be accompanied by a pressure adapter module and a hand pump; this will allow changing modules for different pressure ranges and it will not be necessary to use additional tools.

To get a greater precision when calibrating these transmitters, it is necessary to match the standard pressure measurement range as close as possible to the device to be calibrated; for example, if desire to calibrate a transmitter whose pressure range oscillates within 100 psi, it is suggested to use a pressure module with the same range. Industry standards suggest that the standard measurement should be 4-10 times more accurate than the device being tested, so it will be necessary the best quality of accuracy.

Calibrators that document these types of processes typically use a pressure module, and have built-in HART functionality that allows smart trimming on the transmitters; in turn, they can document transmitter performance before and after tuning, and calculate errors/failures.

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