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Chemical substances are an integral part of life and everything that surrounds it. There is no doubt that their uses lead to benefits, and they are used in practically all areas of human activity. However, under certain conditions of exposure and improper handling, these substances can represent significant risks to the environment and health.

During the EOR Processes, certain practices must be carried out in the laboratory, so the safe handling of the chemical substances used is of utmost importance. This activity requires knowledge, precautions and responsibility, both to protect the health of the people who use it manipulated and to avoid damage to the environment.

Chemical substances can present various risks, such as flammability, corrosion, toxicity, explosiveness, reactivity, among others, which can cause accidents, fires, poisoning, burns, explosions, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to follow a series of safety measures for the handling of these substances, which include:

  • Identify and classify chemical substances according to their properties and dangers. To do this, the information provided by labels, pictograms, safety data sheets and the Global Harmonized System (GHS) must be consulted.
  • Store chemical substances in appropriate, ventilated, illuminated, clean and orderly places, respecting the temperature, pressure and humidity conditions required by each one. In addition, contact or mixing of incompatible substances, which may react with each other and generate dangerous situations, must be avoided.
  • Use the appropriate personal protection elements for each chemical substance, such as gloves, glasses, masks, aprons, among others. These elements must be in good condition, clean and adjusted correctly. Likewise, direct contact with the skin, eyes, mouth or nose should be avoided and hands should be washed after handling the substances
  • Follow the instructions and precautionary statements indicated on labels, safety data sheets and procedure manuals for the safe use of chemicals. These instructions may include prevention, control, handling, transportation, dosage, etc. measures. that must be respected to avoid risks.

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