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Green Hydrogen and the Future of Renewable Energy: A Journey Through India

Allow me to take you on a journey – a journey that took me through the scorching heat of New Delhi and into the cool confines of a meeting room with a man who would change the way I looked at the world. Picture this: the Indian sun bearing down outside, the soft hum of the air conditioner offering sweet relief, and a conversation that flowed like a river, carving its path through the world of energy and into the unexplored territories of the future.

Mr. Pavin Khandsapole, the charismatic CEO of LIQUIGAS POWER PRIVATE LIMITED, was my guide on this journey. An intellectual powerhouse with a knack for innovation, Mr. Khandsapole did not just discuss the future of energy with me, he painted a picture. As he handed me a book, ‘The Hydrogen Revolution’ by Marco Alvera, I had little idea how much it would impact me.

Not long after, I learned about the UK government’s announcement of its hydrogen strategy. The green tech and climate change realms buzzed with debates about hydrogen, with passionate advocates on one side and staunch critics on the other. Amid all this, one thing was clear – the hydrogen revolution was no longer an abstract concept; it was unfolding before our eyes.

Delving into Alvera’s book was like stepping into a different dimension. The author laid out the world of hydrogen with such clarity and depth that I felt I was witnessing the birth of a revolution. The idea of utilizing renewable energy to produce hydrogen, storing it for future use, and injecting green gas into the grid seemed like a blueprint for an environmentally friendly utopia. What captivated me most about Alvera’s approach was his belief that technology could enable us to have a sustainable future without radically altering our lifestyles. He articulated a vision where hydrogen could supply around 25% of total energy, making significant inroads in sectors that have been traditionally difficult to de-carbonize.

A particular concept that Alvera floated stuck with me – the idea of ‘seasonal energy storage’. Imagine harnessing the fierce energy of June’s sun and using it to warm homes on a chilly January day. With hydrogen, that could be a reality. Reading ‘The Hydrogen Revolution’ was like unboxing a gift filled with possibilities. It peeled back the layers on the world of green hydrogen, illustrating its potential as a major player in the race towards sustainability. Of course, every revolution has its skeptics. The transition to hydrogen power is no different. But as I closed the last page of Alvera’s book, I found myself leaning towards the side of the advocates. The narrative

had convinced me that hydrogen’s role in the fight against climate change cannot be understated. As I reflect on that memorable day in New Delhi, I realize that the gift Mr. Khandsapole gave me was more than just a book – it was a new perspective. A perspective that opened my eyes to the potential of green hydrogen and its role in shaping a sustainable future. And I am left with a certainty that the shift to green energy is not a distant dream but a tangible reality, unfolding right now.

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