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Green Energy and Sustainability

By 28 de June de 2021August 24th, 2021No Comments

Currently, companies in the oil sector are conscious of their impact on the environment and are working on strategic plans to contribute to the future of our planet. Some companies work towards this goal by adopting sustainable Green Energy practices, through research, or even by developing new technologies that try to help to reduce the negative environmental impact of their activity. For upstream processes, the objective is to generate oil recovery processes whose greenhouse gas emissions are minimal.

This approach, which may seem soft or superficial in some cases, responds to a fundamental premise we sometimes forget: the world’s energy system is still 80% dependent on fossil fuels.

No one questions the urgency of reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions since combating and slowing down climate change is essential for the future of the environmental ecosystem and humanity. However, this reality causes the mitigation of the environmental impact produced by oil extraction processes to be slow to avoid supply difficulties.

To meet this challenge and make our contribution, we at Nakasawa Resources seek to optimize our enhanced recovery processes to develop more sustainable and profitable practices. In other words, to reduce our environmental impact. We have achieved this by including technology as our ally, finding ways to develop upstream technologies that help reduce environmental impact and enhance a circular economy model through the following initiatives:

  • Water reuse
  • Waste utilization
  • Energy efficiency

We now feel the need to transition to more sustainable models, but at the same time, we still need to respond to high energy demands. At Nakasawa Resources, we like to call this the Green Fossil Energy era, in which we should focus on decreasing the negative impact of an activity that, even today, is too necessary to suppress.

At this time, we must focus on the development of hybrid equipment, operations, and services whose conventional components coexist with other renewable energy components. In short, we believe in a recovery process of hydrocarbons with less environmental impact and cleaner oil extraction. This is where the concept of Green Fossil Energy comes from, and this is our specific route to work, develop and innovate processes that contribute to the successful transition of the oil industry in the future.