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Environmental management Nakasawa

By 30 de March de 2022No Comments

In the Oil Industry, Environmental Management has become increasingly important, its relevance lies in providing wellbeing to workers through a healthy work environment, the environmental variable not only refers to compliance with a series of standards, but also to have an attitude, a philosophy and a commitment to develop activities in a way that avoids, prevents and mitigates the possible environmental impacts that may be generated in the execution of projects, through the use of processes, practices, materials or products that avoid, reduce or control it.

For NAKASAWA, Environmental Management is oriented towards assuming organization and planning strategies, educating all personnel involved in Cyclic Steam Injection Projects, taking an environmentalist attitude that allows activities to be carried out in harmony with the environment, with the main objective of guaranteeing the work following the environmental requirements and standards, ensuring that each of the activities to be carried out are carried out taking into account the environmental variables, allowing the visualization of any environmental affectation or environmental impact that is generated and these can be avoided or minimized, thus preventing any damage to the environment and facilities.

For this reason, it is of vital importance to describe the measures to be followed, to minimize and bring to acceptable levels any adverse environmental and sociocultural impact that ensures the protection and well-being of the physical, biological, socioeconomic and human interest environment.

At NAKASAWA, its environmental policy is focused on caring for the environment, conserving the natural principles of humans and promoting sustainable development, fulfilling the commitments made, applying continuous improvements in quality, productivity and efficiency, developing a work environment that allows generating greatest sum of possible benefits and to continuously improve the Environmental Management System, aimed at reducing the environmental impact in all of our operations.

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